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About us Techno Instruments (Pvt.) Ltd., a company established in 1997 primarily to serve the Measurement needs of the nation celebrates the completion above two decades.

This company which was established with the idea of addressing the measurement needs in both the Electrical & Electronics field and in the field of Life Science & Chemical Analysis has served the nation for over twenty years with their quality products and services due to the highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers and chemists. Techno Instruments as an embryo started off with the sole authorized distributorship of Agilent Technologies Inc., of U. S. A. Agilent Technologies is former Hewlett Packard Company with 75 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality standard measurement products known the world over. Hewlett Packard Company of U. S. A. spun off a new company called Agilent Technologies in the year 1999 to take care of Measurement Business and retained the Hewlett Packard name for their Computer Business.

Therefore, the core company of HP now known as Agilent Technologies and Keysight Technologies after the spinoff that took place on 1st of August 2014, boasts of over 75 years of experience in the manufacturing business. Later on Techno Instruments (Pvt.) Ltd., acquired agencies of a selected few other companies in keeping with the principle of providing quality products in the Measurement and Analysis field.

Techno Instruments now has under their fold Bruker Optics of Germany, a company famous the world over for Spectroscopy, Thurlby Thandar Instruments of United Kingdom famous for Test & Measurement Equipment in the mid range for Universities and Technical Colleges. This company established in 2005, also hold the agency for Cell Planning Tools from Optimi Corporation of U. S. A.

Over this short term of 10 years Techno Instruments is fully geared to provide solutions, services, training and support for all products in the fields of Aerospace and Defense, Communication both wireline and wireless, Education, Research & Development, Nano Technology, and Life Science and Chemical Analysis in all its related the fields of Drugs & research related to Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Environment, Food and Feed, Petro Chemicals Bio Diesel etc.

Our company can easily boast of a high market share in the Life Science and Chemical Analysis as we have provided equipment and solutions to some leading technological and research agencies in Sri Lanka. There are a few institutions in Sri Lanka where their research labs are dominated by equipment provided by Techno Instruments (Pvt.) Ltd.

In the field of Electronic Measurements, we provide solutions and equipment to cover the entire range of electrical and electronic signals from Direct Current all the way up to Lightwave frequencies. The range of equipment and the solutions we provide in the field of electronics is so numerous and suffice it to mention here that we have the right equipment to test any product from the research and development stage to product development, manufacturing, final quality testing all the way up to Installation and Field Maintenance.

About us When we talk of the equipment range and the solutions we provide in the Life Science and Chemical Analysis range is also quite a handful both in the Chromatography range and the Spectroscopy range to cover the analysis of almost any compounds in the solid, liquid or gas phase.

One point to be noted here is that we have not acquired every agency that comes our way. We are very choosy about the product range and especially about the quality of products that each company manufactures. It is our policy that we do not touch any product that does not fall in line with the expertise of our staff- the core engineering team and unless these products pass the quality standards expected by our customers. Also we strive to dabble in products which has earned a No. 1 or No. 2 position in the world. Due to this policy of our company our customers are fully assured that the products and solution they pay for is of the highest standard and carries a very high reliability for all equipment and solutions we provide.

It is coincidence that we chose to move in to a new location to serve our loyal customers in this year as we move in to our new location a newly built building in Colombo 6 in a few days from now. Our company heavily invests in the training of our staff as we believe in our human resource as they play a big part in solving problems of our customers. At least one member of our staff is abroad every year undergoing training in some product or equipment to understand it better or in order to sharpen their skills and knowledge.

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All the staff of Techno Instruments are ready to give a best service.

Mr. Sujeewa Liyanarathne

Director / Chemical Analysis Group

Mr. D.C.M. Karunatilleke

Director/ Test & Measurement Group

Mr. Aravinda Niriella

General Manager

Mr. Shyaman Mendis

Technical Manager


Our Team

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