Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, Meters


Produce the highest-performing products with measurements you can trust thanks to oscillosc

Network Analyzer

Attain unrivaled excellence with PNA-X/PNA/PNA-L (up to 1.5 THz), Drive down the cost of test with

Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser

Keysight protocol analyzer and exerciser products are the most effective solution to debug

Digital Multimeter

Increase productivity by providing insights beyond numbers, with trend charts and histograms on

Noise Figure Analyzer & Noise Source

This measurement personalities for our spectrum analyzers.

DC Power Analyzer

The Keysight N6705C DC Power Analyzer is a highly integrated instrument that combines up

Spectrum Analyzers (Signal Analyzers)

Accomplish deeper troubleshooting or one-button measurements with the broadest set of app

Handheld Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, Meters

Keysight’s family of handheld and portable test tools is constantly growing.

EMI/EMC, Phase Noise, Physical Layer Test

Phase noise measurement solutions, From precompliance measurements and EMC

Power Meter & Power Sensor

Covering numerous frequency and power ranges to accurately

LCR Meters

Keysight have contributed innovations and product excellence in impedance analysis for over

Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Mechanical and physical test applications in laboratory or field environments.

Vector Signal Analyzers

Vector signal analyzers combine superheterodyne technology with high speed ADCs and other DSP

Logic Analyzers

This comprehensive family of logic analyzer products offers the measurement capabilities,

Bit Error Ratio Test

covering affordable manufacturing test and high-performance characterization and compliance

Frequency Counter Products

Speed, resolution & accuracy are just the beginning


Moreover, real-time data processing inside on-board FPGA minimizes data transfer volumes

Parameter & Device Analyzer

Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series ensures accurate and efficient current-voltage

Signal Generators (Signal Sources)

Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Keysight 33500B and 33600A Series of waveform generators

Source Measure Units

A Source/Measure Unit, or SMU, is a source and measurement resource for test applications

Pulse Generator Product

Keysight Technologies offers the most comprehensive portfolio of stimulus solutions for the

DC Electronic Loads

Keysight DC electronic loads provide you with the flexibility to test a wide range of

Data Generators & Analyzer

powerful pulses for the latest generation of laser diodes, need to characterize a high-speed

AC Power Source

Test basic AC power with confidence using the most stable, reliable AC power sources

Electronic Design Automation Software

Programming Environment Software

Keysight has the software you need to automate your tests, measurements and perform

Utility Software

Keysight’s IO Libraries will quickly discover and configure instruments. Once the con

Application Software

Keysight measurement application software for instruments and PCs provides faster insight across

PXI Products

AXIe Products

The AXIe is an open standard, that leverages from existing standards from ATCA, PXI, LXI and IVI, with

USB Products

Keysight has a broad range of USB-based instruments and modules to meet the demand of many

Data Acquisition

Keysight Technologies has provided data acquisition (DAQ) and switching solutions for more

VXI Products

VXI bus is an established standard with many years of success. With Keysight Technologies´ large

PCI/PCIe/cPCI/VME Digitizers

U5303A PCIe High-Speed Digitizer - ADC Card, 12-bit, 4 GS/s, U5310A PCIe High-Speed Digitizer - ADC

Modular Solutions

Keysight Reference Solutions provide the right combination of hardware, software, and

Wireless Device Test Sets & Wireless Solutions

In-circuit Test Systems - 3070 ICT

Keysight offers leading board test solutions for electronics manufacturers to tackle a wide

Photonic Test & Measurement

Keysight offers a wide-range of innovative test and measurement solutions to accelerate the

Monolithic Laser Combiners & Precision Optics

Keysight leads the way when it comes to innovating precision optics and assemblies and

Application-Specific Test Systems

Ease system integration with Keysight System products and services. You can be sure

Atomic Force Microscopes

Keysight Technologies, the winner of 2017 UNESCO Medal for Nanotechnologies Contributions

Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit

Keysight offers a series of millimeter-wave and microwave MMICs that provide superior

Parametric Test

Reduce your cost-of-test by high throughput, Overcome your test challenges in R&D and

Laser Interferometers & Calibrations

Keysight Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of laser

GPIB, USB, Accessories, Racks

Making the connection from your instruments to your PC has not always been an easy task.

Digital Multimeter

Network Analyzer

Noise Figure Analyzer & Noise Source



Power Supplies

Laboratory DC power supplies intended for standard bench-top applications or remote control

Digital Multimeters

Bench-top digital multimeters for professional applications, High accuracy and resolution.

Component Measurement Instruments

LCR component bridge with built-in test fixture and limits comparator with binning.

Signal Generators

Value for money RF signal generators with frequency capability from 1.0GHz

Electronic Loads

Flexible electronic DC loads for general purpose applications, Models with USB, RS232, GPIB

Prober Current Testers

Mains and harmonics analyzer and associated low distortion AC power source for EMC measurements

Frequency Counters

Universal counters with VLF capability and pulse measurement and totalizing in addition to

EMC & RF Measurement Instruments

Mains and harmonics analyzer and associated low distortion AC power source for EMC

Power Supplies

Component Measurement Instruments

Digital Multimeters

Signal Generators



Laboratory that allows the theoretical study and the practical analysis of the problems related


Technology is the multidisciplinary environment for the research and the development of solutions

Electrical Installations

This catalogue has been conceived for the presentation of the De Lorenzo panel type electrical

Energy Efficiency

The conservation and the rational use of the energy is becoming a topical subject, together with

Power Electronics

Technological development in the electronic field has transformed power electronics from static


Base training of an engineer for the installation and maintenance of Digital Telecommunications


The automation is the use of control systems to control industrial systems and


Technology is the multidisciplinary environment for the research and the development of solutions

Electrical Power Engineering

The distribution and the utilization of the electrical energy, used for both industry and domestic

Home Automation

Perform the automatic management of the buildings, both commercial and residential.

Renewable Energies

Renewable energies are those forms of energy that are generated from sources that regenerates

Automatic Control Technology

The main functions of processes, controllers and controlled systems are shown on a simulated

Electric Machines

Basic autonomous benches with power supplies capable of providing all voltages, in AC or


The design and construction of electronic circuits to solve practical problems is an essential

Mechatronics (CIM)

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is a method of manufacturing in which the


The Smart Grid is a system for an "intelligent distribution" of electricity, able to know the

Automatic Control Technology

Electrical Power Engineering

Mechatronics (CIM)

Power Electronics


Netrounds-Cloud-based Network Testing & Monitoring for -Performance-Monitoring-Security-Functionality

Deploying active, automated testing and monitoring solutions that produce real time,

Dynamic and Managed VPN Services

IP Core and Mobile Backhaul Performance

NFV Service Activation Test & Assurance

Digital TV and Voice Transport


LanMaster Link Testers

Tests Gigabit, VoIP and Powered Ethernet Ports, The LANMASTER 26 Link Tester provides LAN

CableTraker Tone & Probes

Designed for one primary mission; to identify the termination point of a cable. The CTK1015 has

WireXxpert Cable Certifier

ableMaster 800 is a professional cable tester equipped with an RJ45 jack for network cables and

LanMaster Outlet Identifier

Check connectivity with Link and Ping tests, emulate devices, display port configuration information

LanMaster Power & Link Testers

The LanMaster 35 Power and Link Tester conducts power tests with actual loads to ensure that

Cable Fault Locator

The New CableTool CT50HR uses upgraded TDR technology to locate opens or shorts on metallic

Cable Fault Locator

CableTraker Tone & Probes

LanMaster Link Testers

Pinger Plus+ Network IP Test Tools


Power, Loss, and Attenuation Testers

VIAVI Network and Service Enablement (NSE) segment

Optical Spectrum Analyzers

VIAVI Protocol Test is a portfolio of industry leading products providing deep

T/E -Carrier Testers

From fiber inspection microscopes to visual fault locators, VIAVI provides award-winning

Packet Capture Analyzers

Observer Analyzer monitors unified communications (UC) deployments, network

Signaling Analyzer Real Time

The VIAVI Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) is a high-perform

Core Network Testers

The VIAVI RANtoCore solution combines the VIAVI TM500 and the VIAVI TeraVM,

Field Meters

The OneExpert CATV signal analysis meter platform makes

Field Productivity Testers

Software for maintaining and optimizing DSAM meters;

Base Station Testers

VIAVI CellAdvisor and CPRIAdvisor reduce the amount of time and

Network Protocall Systems

VIAVI Location Intelligence captures, locates, stores and analyzes

PDH/SDH Testers

Installation and commissioning solution for SDH, SONET, PDH, and ATM

IP video Testers

The CFP and CFP2 Test Modules support testing and verification of new


The lightweight and compact SmartOTDR speeds and optimizes field testing of metro

Remote Fiber Testers

Viavi Solutions, formerly JDSU, designs and manufactures products for optical

XDSL Tester

OneExpert DSL Modular Field Test Platform for G.fast, xDSL, Copper, FTTH

Protocol Analysis PRBES Testers and Platforms

The VIAVI Protocol Test product family provides scalable end to

Triple Play Test Applications

Modular handheld test solution for all-in-one Access/FTTx network

Metro Network Testers

JDSU Advances Metro Ethernet Testing with T-BERD®/MTS Ethernet Testers So

Plant Monitoring Testers

ONMSi Optical network test and monitoring system for Core, Metro, Access

Access Network Testers

he pressure is on service providers to deliver scalable, secure Ethernet

Drive Testers

Drive test systems are generally built around two measurement components,

Test Access

SmartOTU is a standalone remote fiber test solution that can automatically

Triple Play Service Testers

Modular handheld test solution for all-in-one Access/FTTx network and triple-play

VoIP Testers

Empower field technicians, network engineers, and NOC personnel with

Fiber characterization (CD, PMD, AP)

The VIAVI range of OTDR and Fiber Characterization modules deliver

POTS Testers

All-in-one tool for broadband services installation, including copper, ADSL 1/2/2+, WiFi

Tripple-Play Services Tester

Tests ADSL2+/VDSL2 (annex A and B) including bonded and vectored pairs, broadband services

Network Analyzers

Rapidly analyze and troubleshoot LANs, WANs and ATM networks with VIAVI Network Analyzer

Triple Play Network Testers

Monitor and troubleshoot the performance of IPTV, VoD, VoIP and broadband data applications

Customer Premises Testers

RFC 6349 is the new transmission control protocol (TCP) throughput test methodology that

Digital Video Monitoring Testers

Handheld field meter for DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS cable modem installation enables cable

Air Interface Products

The most comprehensive range of optical handhelds for basic fiber test for install,

Network Performance Testers

VIAVI network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) measure, quantify, and report

Qos Systems

Allows mobile operators to assure efficient service turn-up, troubleshooting, and

Copper Testers

Laying the Groundwork for Success in Enterprise Copper and Fiber Optics Testing and Certification

Centraized Roming Monitaring Solution

International roaming customers have a far higher average revenue per user (ARPU) tha

4G Post

Emergency Alert System

Fibre Inspection cleaning